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worship kink
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Body worship is a common theme in the work of Japanese fetish artist Namio Harukawa. Categories : BDSM terminology. This does not involve humiliation or domination per se, though the worshipped recipient is passive rather than dominating. Penis worship generally describes a sexual obsession of a submissive with their dominant partner's penis ; or any type of sexual game in which a submissive is motivated by a real or pretended attraction to their partner's penis. Penis worship may also describe a BDSM practice in which a submissive kisses and licks the dominant partner's penis. Views Read Edit View history.

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Same sex, male-on-male body worship can arise in a non-heterosexual, non-BDSM context as a form of either a gay or a men who have sex with men erotic encounter or sexual play scene, for example in a gay bathhouse.

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Body worship

Such ministrations can also take place as part of cuddling and spooning positions while both participants are lying down together. Although encouragement may be provided, verbally or by spanking , body worship is typically received more or less passively, the worshipped party aloof. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This brings an aspect of erotic humiliation to the submissive partner.

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