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And whether he meant it that way or not, it could be seen as racist. What makes it so outrageous is the implicit link between race and intelligence rather than the actual ordering itself. If called a racist just think twice about it and if you are not perpetrating anything actually racist, confront the accuser. Stop trying to rationalize it. No one other than cruiser is drawn to one particular race more than another?

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Racism, sexism, and homophobia occur in both subtle and blatant forms.

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Marcus Patrick: From Soap Star to Stripper

Wow, race issues with gay people. I am a Blk guy, and I find that pretty pathetic and offensive. However, I do think it was a relatively tacky expression of a sensitive preference that Cruiser should have kept to himself, or at least stated much more carefully. Definetely the stupid racist statement of the day.

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