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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Many of us spend plenty of time, effort, and money to turn ourselves into hot, attractive men. We work out at the gym as much as we can; we get haircuts and clothes that are as flattering as possible; we shave our bodies, use skin creams, and even go in for cosmetic surgery if we think we need it.

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People desperately need to be loved by someone who is important to them. This is especially true of young people. Just knowing that a person of the opposite sex finds you attractive, generates a warm, wonderful feeling.

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Along with the new wrinkle on my forehead and the increasing severity of hangovers, getting older has also brought me something a lot more welcome — it's brought me a little bit of wisdom. With each passing year, we understand more about ourselves and our relationships. My significant other and I have been together for over five years, and I've had some of the best experiences of my life with him.

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Show less Sometimes, one person feels love, while the other is simply around because of lust. Understanding the difference can help you decide where your relationship with the other person is going.

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Q: Does premarital sex impact a relationship? Is sex before marriage really harmful? We were talking about sex.

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Henry Brandt, in the Collegiate Challenge magazine, said that there is a syndrome, a pattern, when couples come to him. They say, "At first, sex was exciting. Then I started feeling funny about myself, and then I started feeling funny about my partner.

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If you've always believed in soulmates and that there is one special person out there for everyone, then we have some depressing news: it could be ruining your sex life Yep, today's surprising news is that having romantic ideals about 'sexual destiny' might prove disastrous for your love life in the long-term, the Mail Online reports. The study by psychologists at the Universities of Toronto and Dalhouse showed that those of us who believe in the concept of true love are more likely to simply end a relationship because of a lack of chemistry in the bedroom, rather than putting in the time and effort to improve their connection with a partner. These people expect sexual satisfaction to simply happen naturally, the team discovered.

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I pore over these articles, never quite trusting their advice, but still discussing them with my girlfriends ad infinitum. But is sex really about love, about connecting with your partner in some mysterious, profound way? I think the 20th century made the whole story upand we bought it because it suited us.

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