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hot girls jeeps
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We mentioned that Jeeps were invented in WW2, and that means some good old fashioned black and white photos of them exist. This lovely lady is nevertheless quite the looker, especially since she has a classy fur coat on which was all the rage back then. So car make people fat since they remove the need to walk from point A to point B and that makes less physical activity, but since Jeeps are so versatile they can be used for all sorts of things. The girl in a rather suggestive pose with her rear facing the camera and standing near the rear of her Jeep that also has an exceptionally large bumper. While we may not know exactly what the origin of the name is, it is fascinating just what these little cars can do.

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Brynlee. Age: 20.
hot girls jeeps

It seems that a few things were quite common even back then — A: Sex sells, B: Girls still dig the car, and C: Girls still loved their Jeeps as much as now.

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Zendaya. Age: 26.
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Dirty hot Jeep chicks are back (58 Photos)

Ditto for the covered SUV-style back to carry an extra-large load of supplies for a nice day out, or maybe even camping. Such cleaning is also intensely physical, which allows the girl to get her daily dose of exercise and maintain her slender figure. Sometimes the girl and her Jeep go so many times to the beach together to the point where you could label both of them beach bums. A highly proven ultra-scientific fact that is obtained through the University of Coolville, sponsored by google.

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