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That's the wrong question Low blood pressure Causes, symptoms, management, and treatment Are humans designed to walk and not run? What happens when you get too much Vitamin D? On the face of it, there should be some correlation between less body hair and humid climates to lessen chances of parasites , and colder climates and coarser, darker body hair to insulate from the cold. Why, for instance, do men grow beards? What coping mechanisms do men really use to stay mentally healthy? Why are they more likely to go bald?

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What happens when you get too much Vitamin D?

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But what exactly does that mean? For full terms, click here. Treat yourself to a tropical smoothie Keep up your good intentions as January draws to a close and stay off the high fat, processed snacks. Pancreas health Symptoms, treatments and care for the pancreas How much water should you drink?

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