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Most germplasms of the biofuel plant Jatropha curcas are monoecious. A gynoecious genotype of J. To investigate the regulatory mechanism of transition from monoecious to gynoecious plants, a comparative transcriptome analysis between gynoecious and monoecious inflorescences were performed.

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Some plants have flowers that are not perfect, they do not have both male and female reproductive parts in the same structure. Instead they produce male flowers that have only stamens or female flowers that have only pistils. Monecious plants have both male and female flowers rather that perfect flowers.

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Plant reproductive morphology is the study of the physical form and structure the morphology of those parts of plants directly or indirectly concerned with sexual reproduction. Among all living organisms, flowerswhich are the reproductive structures of angiospermsare the most varied physically and show a correspondingly great diversity in methods of reproduction. The breeding system, or how the sperm from one plant fertilizes the ovum of another, depends on the reproductive morphology, and is the single most important determinant of the genetic structure of nonclonal plant populations.

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In unisexual flowers, sex is determined by the selective repression of growth or the abortion of either male or female reproductive organs. The mechanism by which this process is controlled in plants is still poorly understood. Because it is known that the identity of reproductive organs in plants is controlled by homeotic genes belonging to the MADS box gene family, we analyzed floral homeotic mutants from cucumber, a species that bears both male and female flowers on the same individual.

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See more words from the same year. More Definitions for monoecious. What made you want to look up monoecious?

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Hemp Cannabis sativa has a highly variable sexual phenotype. In dioecious hemp, the sex is controlled by heteromorphic sex chromosomes according to an X-to-autosomes equilibrium. However, in monoecious hemp, the sex determinism remains widely unknown and has never been related to a quantitative approach of sex expression.

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Share interesting photos to engage biology enthusiasts. Dual Nature The common aquatic weed, Hydrillaexhibits distinct biotypes, of which some are monoecious and some are dioecious, i. The system of sex-determination ascertains the development of specific sexual characteristics in an individual organism.

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Dioecious plants are either male or female. Each individual plant, when it produces reproductive structures, produces only male or female structures. Monoecious plants are both male and female.

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Monoecious and Dioecious - What language is this? These botanical terms sound like a description of some kind of tempting dessert. Actually, these are terms used to describe the reproductive behavior of some plants. Not all plants have perfect flowers.


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