Anime snuggling

anime snuggling
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Bonus points for being an actual bug-like Mixel. She's next seen sitting in Shielder's lap, with Shielder looking rather uncomfortable but not having the heart to say anything. After they take over Root , Sai quickly gets used to Sakura draping herself over him regularly. This is meant to demonstrate that she's not the hardened resistance fighter that she imagines herself to be. Physical intimacy is a basic human desire. A notable example is how happy she is when Xanna wraps most of her tails around her, thinking of it as a super hug. She first hugs Link in her excitement when he agrees to help her into Dragon Roost Cavern and then once more when Link blames himself for the wind injuring her.

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Haven. Age: 27.
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Annie herself, under her Emotionless Girl exterior, is an extremely affectionate person who likes to be in near-constant physical contact with the few people she's close to, whenever they are in the same room.

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Kyra. Age: 29.
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Cuddle Bug

Ash's Tentacool in Common Sense. He's always putting hands on shoulders or bending down to put his face on the same level as whoever he's talking to. Club are very affectionate. Tragically, he didn't realize he was freezing them to death by doing so.

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