Amrens family sword

amrens family sword
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I pulled it and the wolf got out of the cage attacking the bandits. Ulfr is the boss' uncle and the other bandits are planning something against them at dawn. There are various types of mushrooms growing inside the cave. Walkthrough Uthy and I headed East once more, crossed the river and found the cave. Inside the cave, a man, Ulfr the Blind, we pretended to be one of them and he told us the boss is waiting for us at the summit.

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amrens family sword

I saw a book in front of Ulfr, was curious as what kind of book a blind man could be reading

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Amren's Family Sword

We were trying to get a better look when I noticed a lever. Hajvarr's Journal Found the sword inside the chest. At the summit, we found Hajvarr Iron-Hand, the bandit's boss, watching the view of Whiterun.

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