Woman on spit over fire

woman on spit over fire
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We understand these photos. The spit is turned slightly so her head is closest to the edge of the photo, the rest of the spit fading into the distance. We all have ideas of what would be truly awful to see, to witness, to have experienced, even if it's just an image on our laptop. You remember, nostalgically now, the sepia-toned photos of Civil War dead, the bodies strewn across meadows and fields, sometimes out of focus, always unrecognizable, and never appearing like actual humans or anything you could register in your brain as human or made of flesh. Actually, it's a dead, naked woman with long black hair, her hands tied behind her back up on the kind of contraption you thought was only used by Hawaiians to roast pork. In this case, the photos of dead bodies are accepted as collateral damage to our constant search for the truth, for history , for the stories that sustain us. You think maybe it was a dead body they found or exhumed and put on a spit for graphic effect.

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Woman On A Spit

And the next day and the next you do a good job of putting the image of the woman on the spit out of your head. You drag your eyes past the woman and look into the distance beyond her. It's impossible to stop looking. You look instead for stills, photos, maybe even black and whites of dead bodies, war dead, something like that.

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