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If I had a twin brother or personification of half of myself I don't think I ever would have had that problem. While his softer side was always aiming to please that nagging, gold digging hag, he personally hated her. Once-ler was in a world or euphoria, seeing stars, and he came first. It was an aching residual pain that tugged at Onceler's heart at least once a day. When given a choice, it would always be Greedler.

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Remington. Age: 26.
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Once-ler, you lucky little beanpole!

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Journey. Age: 21.
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Oncest Pairings

Even if Greedler's traits sometimes got on his nerves, he couldn't live without him. Onceler happily complied, moving forward to kiss his other half. As Greedler passionately slipped his tongue between Onceler's lips, the boy wrapped his arms around the taller man's neck.

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