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Research suggests that alcoholic beverage advertisements may have an adverse effect on teenagers and young adults, owing to their vulnerability to suggestive message content. Five beer advertisements were selected from a previous study showing that they were perceived to be highly appealing to a sample of Brazilian teenagers. These advertisements were evaluated by a sample of Brazilian high school students using a rating procedure designed to measure the content of alcohol advertisements covered in industry self-regulation codes.

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By Bonnie Hamre. After visiting the famous beaches of Rio de Janeirowhere the skimpiest amount of cloth passes for a tanga thong bathing suit or the even minuter version called fio dental or dental floss, and beachgoers revel in exposing almost their entire bodies, it isn't surprising that Brazil is one of the few South American countries that has legalized nude or naturist beaches and resorts. This is not without a struggle, though.

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Nearly million people call Brazil home, making it the fifth most populous nation in the world today [source: Nations Online ]. Only a fraction of those are native to the country, however. Brazil was colonized in the 16th century by Portugal, and later welcomed large numbers of Germans, Italians, Spaniards and Poles.

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In the immediate aftermath of prison riots, in particular, inmates frequently suffer appalling physical abuse. Poorly remunerated and lacking appropriate training, prison guards are often quick to resort to physical beatings in lieu of the authorized punishments listed in the national prison law. Still, the most egregious instances of brutality-including summary executions of prisoners-are committed by civil and military police rather than guards.

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New insights into the "art or porn" debate surrounding the works of major photographers and filmmakers who exhibit nude youths. This is a commentary concerning the works and fates of two Brazilian artists. Only one of them is well known in his native land.

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A rally in Rio de Janeiro against baring all on the beach saw women take their tops off - but there were more photographers than protesters. A protest against Brazil's ban on topless sunbathing fell flat yesterday, with only a handful of women turning up. Thousands of women were expected to gather on Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema beach, taking off their bikinis in defiance of Brazilian law, which describes female toplessness as an "obscene act".

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Rio de Janeiro : Brazilians were outraged when they learned their country was a top target of the US National Security Agency's overseas spying operation, with data from billions of calls and emails swept up in Washington's top secret surveillance program. Yet when it comes to the cloak and dagger effort of catching philandering lovers, all high-tech weapons appear to be fair game — at least to the tens of thousands of Brazilians who downloaded "Boyfriend Tracker" to their smartphones before the stealthy software was removed from the Google Play app store last week, apparently in response to complaints about privacy abuses and its potential to be used for extortion or even stalking. A woman poses for a photo using her smartphone in Rio de Janeiro.

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Prostitution in Brazil is legal, in terms of exchanging sex for money, as there are no laws forbidding adults from being professional sex workers, [1] but it is illegal to operate a brothel or to employ sex workers in any other way. Exploitation of child and teenagers through prostitution in Brazil is widespread and a serious problem. Brazil is considered to have the worst levels of child sex trafficking after Thailandwith an estimatedchildren involved.

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Police in Brazil are investigating football star Neymar's video disclosure of a woman who has accused him of rape. Neymar was accused in Brazil on Friday of raping a woman in Paris last month. Neymar plays professionally for Paris Saint-Germain. In addressing the accusations in a seven-minute Instagram video Saturday, Neymar showed private communications between him and the woman that included intimate images of her.


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