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Kendrick Lamar snuck up on the world yet again, dropping a music video for new single "Humble" Thursday. If the 4 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours is any indication, the majority of people seemed to lap up new work from the Compton rapper. But, like most things, there is room to appreciate and critique an artist at the same time—which is exactly what people on Twitter have been doing.

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I know you feel me on a spiritual level when I say your butt is legitimately aching after hours parked on it in the office. But if you're wondering how to stretch after sitting all dayyou might automatically think it involves an intricate list of glute stretches that sound even less appealing than your painful posterior. Now, your quest for a tension-free tush doesn't have to involve an hour of elaborate stretching.

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Exercise guide. Equipment required. Foam roller.

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We fulfilled our number one customer request and developed proprietary technology to create our awesome designs on stretchier socks—up to 21 inches in circumference without distorting the graphics. Our socks are designed to be stretchy and accommodate a wide range of sizes! The complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but generally, most women's socks will fit a women's US shoe size and men's shoe size 3. The complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but generally, most men's socks will fit a men's US shoe size and women's shoe size 8.

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Tight glutes: in theory, we want them. A sore buttocks makes it tough to sit, stand, and walk. It leaves you hobbling like a cowboy, searching for the best glute stretches to ease discomfort so you can go down stairs like a normal person, not a rodeo star.

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You have them, your mum has them, your best mate has them, that girl sitting across the desk from you has them and Chrissy Teigen has them. Whether it's a sudden growth spurt as a teen, those things called 'boobs' or a pregnancy, there are numerous bodily changes create stretch marks - or rather, 'glitter stripes' as a ' body-positive' Instagram user recently called them. And one guy who can't get enough of our 'lady lines' is rapper Kendrick Lamar, who is celebrating our natural figures — scars and all — in his latest video for his single, Humble.

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Aloe Vera keeps your skin moist, which is important for treating your skin fast and effectively. Bottom line: if you want to get rid of your stretch marks as fast as possible, I recommend this method. Click here to read my stretch mark cream reviews.

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App Store. Google Play. Me: Alexa, what's the maximum diameter the asshole can stretch upto? Alexa: 4.

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Based on circumstantial evidence like vaseline and latex gloves in his locker, it seems that Lawrence managed to evade the metal detectors by putting the pucks inside his rectum, according to Judge Doody can't make this stuff up. The scenario: Now your friend wants to know what he can store up there in a pinch. After all, the rectum has long been a favorite hiding spot for smugglers.

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Most of the time, tight glutes are something to be proud of. We work on flexibility for our hamstringsquadriceps, and even hip flexorsbut we tend to leave the glutes to their own devices. In fact, we may not even realize our tight glutes may be limiting not only our range of motion, but also our performance. It also limits your range of motion during exercises like the squat and bridgewhich require flexibility in both the glutes and hip flexors.


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