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His vision darkened and he was sure he had stopped breathing. Razer did not hear that. It was not possible.

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I'm in unfamiliar turf and painfully aware that this is a cliched premise. Thanks to xkyoxdiex, who looked it over for me and gave me some encouraging feedback. Hal was still seething at the words, almost a full week after the taunt.

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In which the Aya-Monitor is nothing but a bad memory, they find the Interceptor, and Aya never sacrificed herself to save a mostly unaware universe. Oh, and Aya and Razer finally have their happy ending. A VERY short drabble.

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Razaya "Processing View Badges! Razaya gallery.

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It was a little over a year since he had found her, and nearly a year since the two began a sexual relationship. She believed they both were happy and satisfied with their lives together, but she noted a certain restlessness that seemed to come over her lover at times. Both she and Razer had sensitive areas that they tread lightly upon with each other; certain elements of his past, and the most highly charged parts of their shared history, so she was having difficulty finding out what was troubling him.

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At all. And you know what that means! Oliver leaned back on his chair.

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She liked watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful, his chest rising and falling in perfect time to the beat of his heart. She curled against him on the narrow bed in his quarters, half of her processes running a diagnostics scan of the engines, the other half of her focused on his breathing, the beat of his heart, the way the light played along the naked expanse of his tattooed chest.

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Don't go to the Green Lantern section on Fanfiction. Not that theres anything wrong with gays. You know if you say don't go there people are going to go there.

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I want to make it clear that it is entirely basingstoke 's fault that I am going to hell. Usually, this wasn't the best thing about being the fastest man alive. It was a pretty dang good thing, because Wally was a healthy guy and everything he'd read said he was supposed to be right around his sexual peak, but he couldn't remember this particular aspect of his power ever being as pretty dang good as it was right now.


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