Gorgeous bodies tumblr

gorgeous bodies tumblr
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This blog uses media, research, and writing to highlight personal stories of body image. Body positivity is one of my biggest values and cultivations as a writer — it's incredible how loving your body can transform your life! The blog is run largely through submissions and many are published each and every day featuring new "chubby bunnies" who want to share their stories of body positivity. Since many body image websites and communities are focused on women, one self-identified body pos man decided to create a Tumblr for guys who want to develop body positivity, too! From size to race, ability to sexual orientation, this blog acts as a community for all people who want to celebrate their bodies.

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Kennedi. Age: 29.
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This Tumblr is composed of images of real people and is basically one long selfie roll.

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Taya. Age: 29.
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Body Positivity For Guys accepts submissions from all men who want to celebrate their physiques. Whenever I'm having a bad body image day or want to share my own body love messages with others, I go on Tumblr. You've probably seen these original drawings from Rossetti somewhere on the Internet before, as this illustrator's body image designs went viral last year.

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