Vampire bite tumblr

vampire bite tumblr
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A sharp pain shoots up your arm as he sinks his fangs into the tender flesh and rips. UltraZen Theme by UltraLinx. His low laugh sends quakes through your body as he continues to massage circles over every inch of your body. The soft curves of his spongy mouth send shudders down your spine as he presses for more. Originally posted by calumxhoood. Reluctantly, you grip his wrist and bring his skin to your mouth.

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Mabel. Age: 26.
vampire bite tumblr

More importantly the diminished light perfectly picks up his dripping fangs.

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Naya. Age: 24.
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Vampire Bite Drawing

Two dots of red appear in front of you and you let out a gasp of surprise. You break off the kiss and fall to the ground as hurt ripples through you, setting your skin on fire and bringing tears to your eyes. You jump back with a start and his eyes flicker out, the darkness covering you like a damp cloth.

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