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Garces With Indigo Slam, the seventh novel in his best- selling Elvis Cole series, Angeleno detective novelist Robert Crais returns to the early form that had readers and critics hailing him as the wunderkind of the gumshoe set. Its immediate predecessors were, by turns, rote Voodoo River and unexceptional Sunset Express. This time out, he delivers the goods in his best-crafted thriller to date.

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Martin Gayford. Painters and sculptors are highly averse to being labelled. But there is none of the irony of an Andy Warhol about his work, or the intellectual distance of Richard Hamilton.

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And just about any other time of the year. Jimin is busy licking off ice cream from your left breast. Banana split with plenty of mango mixed into it.

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Fill out the form below, or call us at Elvis Presley may have charmed his fans, but at home, the King of Rock and Roll terrorized his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson in the years before his overdose death, she claims in her new memoirLittle Thing Called Life. We pay for juicy info!

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It was an informative week, to say the least. This by itself wouldn't be incredible news, except for the fact that the artist is only nine years old. The youthful English painter might be four years older than the pint-sized "action" painter Aelita Andre, but his eye is apparently more discerning than his precocious counterpart's.

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I jammed the muzzle of my. The problem that My Elvis Blackout causes the aspiring book reviewer is that it tends to render one entirely speechless. It is for neither the squeamish nor the unadventurous.

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How helplessly candid! How appalling! For me, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith, just to mention two, are superb singers by any measure I could ever care about — expressivity, surprise, soul, grain, interpretive wit, angle of vision.

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Where so much of contemporary Satanism—with its upside down crosses, modified but still liturgical robes and rituals, its ammended litanies, the serving of a faux-Eucharist from the naked torso of an immobilized cooch dancer on bad acid shout out, hey, Susan Atkins! Much in the way that Marxism was essentially a critique of Victorian capitalism rather than a stand alone philosophy. He was the Lizard King. He could do anything.

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Every Monday, Eddie Clontz gets the numbers from supermarkets in 20 cities, and this particular week the numbers are bad. But Clontz feeds on pressure as the Human Vacuum Cleaner sucks up forks, nails and dishrags. So it goes here in Tabloidland, a suburban area of palm trees and single- family homes just south of Palm Beach that over the past few years has quietly mutated into a journalistic theme park of excess and hyperbole.

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We have finally found a pair of thongs big enough for you. He was She was also Explained the different divisions: small school, state college, university.


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