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Karate chop was the way to go if you chose ball kick you have no free will i hope elsa brought a stone axe with her to canada cause i was planning to build my minecraft house out of those. Impressive Most impressive You've done well my friend Chubby chef at bristol prints For almost 4 years i've know that 3AM is the Devils hour and only since you guys started doing these haunted videos mainly while living at the Trap House have I woken up at 3AM most nights But, i'm also under the impression that my house is haunted because my last one was super haunted so that could be why and my mom didn't believe me till something unexplainable happened I think whatever was in my last house followed me to my new one and that's why i'm waking up around 3AM bc it happened in my old house as well, or Corey could be right and spirts can attach themselves to footage or something and i'm being affected. Sex cameras and hiphop This is my first time watching a video on your channel and you have such a nice personality!

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Yes ive been waiting forever!!!! Ladies, Go homeopathic with pre monopause and menpaouse Black Cohosh has been my grace Stops weight gain hot flashes, moid swings 2 girls fuck a guy That was him I take a pick cher o my watch of vtech for kids 1I choose peace2 Yellow you guess true 3 I dont understand45I love this channel. I love u guys so much!!

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Hentei sex gemes So imma Cancer and oh hecc I'm scared of myself now I have a very creative and imaginative mind where if I imagine something I can visually see it sometimes I imagine the people I hate or made me mad in a gruesome death scene if I'm not too mad at them then I imagine them getting tortured is that weird?. Wow, so after all that she still plotted to escape prison using steel pliers and a drone The cajones on this woman is unreal You should hydro dip a floaty for the pond What does he meen by we had a good night last night. Looks hard i did it ,it was impossible in ly lasted for 1 hour My favorite Food is Broccoli Nothing makes me Happier then Broccoli Soooo he didn't tell his parents or even sisters?!

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I love you guys but honestly, I don't think this is real because of the way Sam is acting He has NEVER EVER reacted like that and that makes me think this was a setup or fake Again I love you guys with all my heart, but this does not seem real Acting 10 musical score 10 costumes 10 special effects 10 storyline 10 overall She's 28?!!! I thought she was much older Like in her 40s or close Maybe it is the lighting Very nice video Jesse lol!! And hope to see you in the video soon lol Um hello, jersey definitely did it!!!!

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