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Needless to say, that strap-on hung, unworn, on the back of my bedroom door for a full week. Crossing that initial bridge then led us to broadening our sexual horizons in other ways and as my boyfriend is quite - how to put this - anally curious he loves anything up there , next-level butt stuff was very much On The Cards. Princess Beatrice's wedding details confirmed. We made out before I steered him to sit on a chair and sucked his cock until he was just about to come. And whether it was his cavalier attitude or the two units swishing about inside me, the fear was gone. Tip for anyone pegging the first time: try that baby on beforehand. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Hadley. Age: 32.
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Putting pressure on ourselves and each other to climax adds unnecessary pressure to what should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Skyler. Age: 23.
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Avoiding my bedroom mirror because I was just not emotionally ready for the sight of myself avec penis, I asked which position he thought would he most comfortable for him. Now, I was feel pretty chill about the whole thing. And flooded with the usual feelings of self-doubt — Will I actually do it right?

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