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She is able to use it to keep up Rider's existence even without support from the Grail, and the excess left after that is given to Shirou to help him maintain his body. As with any Magic Crest, it is painful containing a foreign substance in her body, but even more so with it entangling her nerves with its own and moving about. However, through her magic training, hers had been changed to the water alignment of the Matou line, so she couldn't exhibit her true talent. In ufotable s' movie adaptation of Heaven's Feel , Sakura is seen wearing a long white dress with short sleeves and a black sash, and white sandals. Kariya was the only member of the Matou family to love Sakura, who became resigned and emotionally withdrawn from the torture she endures from training under Zouken and Kariya's older brother, Byakuya.

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After this, Shinji feels guilty after all he has done to her and apologizes.

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Sakura Matou

Like Hollow, the alignment of an imaginary element. Proper Heroic Spirits are extremely affected, going as far as losing consciousness on contact, while Servants close to it in nature, while not fully affected, will have their energy drained from touching it. After her dark self is destroyed, Sakura's body is left containing vast amounts of mana due to her connection with Akasha. In fact Gilgamesh cannot be blackened.

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