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I'm a woman who married young 21 and I've been with my husband for seven years. Within the last year, I've realized that my falling libido probably comes from the fact that I am not turned-on by our boring vanilla sex routine. I get so little fulfillment that I'd rather not even do it.

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Gay people! Straight people saw that and thought, why is there just one way to be straight? So queers, in liberating ourselves, also liberated straight people from a very confining idea of straightness.

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That is, whatever you have planned with your significant other, have sex before you leave the house. But after wine, a heavy meal, and dessert—partners were likely to be in food coma. Fuck first, then go out to dinner.

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A woman is tormented that her partner of 7 years has not learned how to pee without spraying the area. Dan's response is both charitable and practical. A 70 year-old man is in an open relationship with his wife.

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Last month, when the New York congressman Anthony Weiner finally admitted that he had lied, that his Twitter account had not been hacked, that he in fact had sent a picture of his thinly clad undercarriage to a stranger in SeattleI asked my wife of six years, mother of our three children, what she thought. More specifically, I asked which would upset her more: to learn that I was sending racy self-portraits to random women, Weiner-style, or to discover I was having an actual affair. But tweeting a picture of your crotch is just weird.

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I live your voice and your laugh, your an amazing person, live your self!! How much money do you get when there is 1 million viewers or subs?? J K Rowling only wanted British actors for harry potter filmsReason why Robin Williams didn't get the part of hadrig I would Ditto some other comment here Chocolate can be poisonous to Cats so don't give the chocolate to cats please No hagan esto Ni se les ocurra darle chocolate a los gatos Comvulsionan es veneno The teacher in yellow colour dress is too much overactor He also did over in his last chai tapri video.

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His best friend is one of his exes, and that has always bothered me. What do I do? That would be an asshole move—that would be an emotionally manipulative asshole power move.

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Some people want to be ravished by a home intruder. Others struggle to make sense of their fetish for leather boots. Some even reckon with a sexual attraction to centaurs or sphinxes or fish-tailed demigods. People make what is already complicated and already difficult harder and more difficult by clinging to bullshit fictions.

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By Senior Editor Johnna Rizzo. Modern sex's most popular mouthpiece, Dan Savage, discusses the good and the bad when bumping uglies. If you put all of my columns and all my podcasts into a pot and boiled them down to their essence, you'd find at the very bottom of that pot: "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

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Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. You'll be reading new columns, all of them written by Dan Savage, none of them written by me. Our second guest Dan Savage is 32 years old, single, and living in London. He's now ten years into a career in theater arts marketing and currently works for some of the West End's biggest hit musicals.


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