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That said, a study that appeared in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the average adult currently enjoys sex 54 times a year, which equates to about once a week. This is less sex, by about nine per year, compared to a similar study done in the s. Interestingly, though, another study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science — which surveyed over 30, Americans over 40 years for three different projects — discovered that a once weekly frequency was the Goldilocks standard for happiness.

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The equation just makes sense. They analyzed data from nearly 28, people in a series of studies and determined that people who bone once a week are the happiest. For the study, published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Muise and her team analyzed survey responses from 25, Americans about how often they had sex and how happy they were most established couples say they also get it on about once a week, BTW.

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We worry far too much about whether we're having the "right" amount of sex. We worry that our sex drive is too low — or too high. We worry that a change in our sex life means something has gone horribly wrong in our relationship.

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As a year-old divorced mother of three, I'm finally at a point in my life where I really enjoy sex, even if there's not always a lot of time for it. So when a friend posed a challenge to me to try having sex twice a day for a week, I was intrigued. The only other time in my life I remember having sex more than once a day was when I was trying to get pregnant—and sex then was really just a means to an end. Want to improve your love life?

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For a happy relationship, get busy under the sheets once a week it's science! A new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science says couples who have sex once a week are happier than those who get busy less often. Researchers collected data from 30, Americans over the course of 40 years, and determined the perfect number of times to have intercourse is once weekly.

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And the truth is, there are a whole host of factors which impact our sex lives, or lack thereof, including age, health, sex drive and lifestyle to name a few. But now someone has gone and worked out how much sex we should be having, the Mirror online reports. A recent study from the Kinsey Institute for research in Sex, Reproduction and Gender suggests that it's this variable age which can predict how often we have sex.

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No matter how blissfully happy a couple is, if one person wants a ton of sex and the other is fine only getting some every so often, problems may arise. But it can be pretty hard to know if you're having sex "enough. Luckily, science has done some investigating in this realm.

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All photos by the author. According to a recent studythe average Australian couple has sex 1. But that's on average, which means it incorporates a lot of different age groups. And that got me wondering: what's an average number for young people?

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Stress and Sex.

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Here is what they say, as well as some additional tips to help you get your sex life on track! There is some question among sex therapists about what the true average is for couples in committed relationships. The answers can range from once a week to once a month!


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