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The fetish objects in these case histories were unique enough, and the attraction to the objects strong enough, that the individuals could clearly track their interest from early childhood through adulthood. It is much easier to retrieve remote, explicit memories, such as events eg, a party where balloons popped or playing with objects, than to recall the process of sexual development with no distinct markers in the individual's history. Because these distinct experiences predated identified sexuality, became a focus of attention for the individual, and then were incorporated into the individual's sexual interests and masturbatory fantasies, it was possible to accurately track the patterns of sexual arousal.

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Maggy BerLoon, 31, says part of the thrill of having sex with balloons is knowing they could pop at any moment. A woman has revealed her unusual fetish for balloons, explaining the ways she uses them as sex toys and to have sex on top of. Maggy BerLoon not her real name, obviouslystarted experimenting with the inflatables over a decade ago after meeting husband Jan, and describes it as "a hell lot of bouncy fun".

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Typically, a regular male nurses the same thought about sex twice as much than an ordinary female. Funny as it sounds it was established from medical research recently issued in the medical journal of Sexual medicine. Painting the picture clearer, the group of researchers at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres added more lights by asking a pool of 1, men and women, living in the province of Quebec, what they fantasized about sexually and came up with surprising results. Unexpectedly the researchers came out with a surprising finding showing that our brains are funny things, according to the researchers, of the significant participants a percentage reported homosexual thoughts in their fantasies.

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While we at Cosmo pride ourselves on our extensive lexicon of sex positionsit appears that we've been overlooking one particular set: Carnal congress with helium. Meet year-old Julius, the latest idiosyncratic American to be profiled on My Strange Addiction, whose past episodes have included profiles of a woman who eats toilet paper, a woman who can't get out of her animal suit and a man who eats glass. That said, this one is arguably the strangest of strange addictions.

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For children, balloons can make the heart soar, but when an adult tucks his balloons into bed at night, he could be considered a "looner. Dave, a former piano teacher from outside Little Rock, Ark. And he has fathered 65, of them.

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By Victoria Wellman. National Geographic's Taboo series charts the 'strange passions' and obsessions shared by people across the country, but none quite as unorthodox as Dave Collins' fetish for balloons. The year-old piano teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas, revealed that he rescues most of his prized balloon at car dealerships where it's hard to drive by because 'you just want to get these beautiful things'.

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Glamour and fetish model Miss Luna Loves makes a living dressing up in raunchy outfits for erotic book covers and magazines. The hot university graduate — who got a 1st in Journalism and Marketing — specialises in balloon and latex fetishes. Some people like the feel of the balloon rubber, others like the exertion needed to blow up a large balloon," the curvy brunette explained. Luna, who also dabbles in the world of foot fetishes, loves squeezing her curves into shiny latex leotards and all-in-one body stockings.

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Of course you have a special place in your heart for Edward Cullen - but for most of us, our vampire yearnings end there. This takes baby talk in the bedroom to a whole new level: Adult Baby Syndrome, or paraphillic infantilism, is a rare sexual fetish where a person dresses up like a baby. Love when your man sweetly tickles you during foreplay?

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Decisions involving risk often must be made under stressful circumstances. Research on behavioral and brain differences in stress responses suggest that stress might have different effects on risk taking in males and females. In this study, participants played a computer game designed to measure risk taking the Balloon Analogue Risk Task fifteen minutes after completing a stress challenge or control task.