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Jett is naturally skilled in evasiveness — a trait of the trade, surely. Charlie isn't meant to see through her distractions. Then Charlie asks a question requiring Jett to lie, and she does — while sitting herself down at a table laden with a full coffee service: china cups, dishes and all.

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Euphoriathe highly stylized teen drama from HBO, doesn't debut until this Sunday, but it is already starting to cause its fair share of controversy. Starring Zendaya as a high school student who self-medicates with drugs and alcohol to numb her emotional pain, Euphoria is an unflinching look at teenage life that doesn't shy away from showing the complex world that Generation Z must navigate. And HBO is standing by its new show—which absolutely does have a lot of sex and drugs—despite reports of controversy during production and outrage from a parents' group.

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In the third episode of the trippy and explicit Euphoriathe pseudo-recovering addict Rue Zendaya enters the bedroom of her younger sister, Gia Storm Reidand finds her watching an episode of My So-Called Life. The new HBO drama — based on an Israeli series and created by Sam Levinson, son of filmmaker Barry Levinson — depicts modern-day adolescence as an unfiltered foray into drugs, alcohol, digital porn, and depression. It is artfully photographed, but often hard to look at because it is so suffocatingly bleak. Zendaya is also exceptional as Rue, the glue that holds this sprawling ensemble piece together.

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The Zendaya-led drama will also feature graphic sex scenes and the prosthetic erect penis of Eric Dane's character. A brand new teen drama is about to head our way, fronted by Zendaya with a huge ensemble castand it's set to be one of the most explicit shows you might ever see on TV. HBO's Euphoria has already gained incredible reviews from critics.

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It was about three years ago. She started a campaign to FreeThePenis and finally show some more male nudity. Apparently the showrunners thought she was being a total Mad Queen, because we never really got ANY peen for the rest of the series.

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Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. HBO is notorious for showing more explicit sex scenes than most other networks are allowed on television.

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They never posted publicly about the search, or turned to online message boards or dating apps — which are often clearinghouses of such pictures — to procure them. So they had complete control over what was going to be shown. Over the entire eight-episode season, Blumenthal said, the production collected more than nudity riders, though not all of the associated images made it into the finished version.

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The union, meanwhile, is investigating concerns about the health and safety of extras on the show being asked to perform graphic sexual acts. The union was made aware of the waiver Tuesday afternoon when it fielded a call from a background actor working on the series. The union expressed concern to producers that the waiver did not include language telling actors they had the right to withdraw consent.

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The dick deluge was part of a story line involving football captain Nate Jacob Elordihis struggles with identity, and his subsequent foray into super toxic masculinity. While Nate loves the thrill and the glory of football, he is none too pleased with all the cocks and balls of the locker room. To illustrate this point, a fully clothed Nate is shown surrounded by a locker room teeming with nude, rowdy men. He stares dead-eyed in front of him, lest he catch sight of the literally dozens of weiners flopping around him.